About company

In 2005, SMCC LLP acquired an idle sulfuric acid plant (SAP), which is situated near the main industrial site of SMCC LLP in Stepnogorsk town.

As a result of the launch of sulfuric acid production, the transfer of production was realized from iron sulphide to Kazakhstani raw material - lumpy sulfur (Tengizchevroil LLP) for the first time in Kazakhstan and one of the main tasks was fulfilled - the provision of own needs of sulfuric acid and provision of enterprises of JSC NAC Kazatomprom.

The need in sulfuric acid of enterprises of JSC NAC Kazatomprom is constantly increasing. In 2006 for production needs it was required 448,993 thousand tons, and by 2015 was required – 1769,519 thousand tonnes of sulfuric acid.

Because of the need for stable provision of sulfuric acid of domestic production and enterprises of NAC Kazatomprom, as well as the physical and moral deterioration of the current sulfuric acid production, there was a question on reconstruction of the sulfuric acid production of LLP "SMCC".

The new plant is located in the production areas of the current sulfuric acid production of LLP "SMCC", taking into account the use of the existing infrastructure of this enterprise (buildings and equipment, currently available and in working condition at the moment, such as warehouses of sulfur and finished goods, unit for unloading raw materials from the railway transport, water rotation cycle, chemical water purification, tail gas cleaning plant, access roads and railways, administrative and household premises and canteen), which leads to a reduction of project’s common cost.

Main goals of the project

·  Provision of uranium mining enterprises of JSC NAC Kazatomprom with sulfuric acid; 

·  Solving the problems of sulfur processing, which has a negative impact on the ecological situation in the Caspian region (currently there are about 8 million tons of sulfur on the sulfur maps of Tengizchevroil LLP (TCO));

·  Development of the chemical industry in the northern regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan by processing sulfur using modern technologies.

Project participants

Project engineer:
LLP «Joint enterprise Sulfuric acid plant Kazatomprom».

Manufacturer/supplier of main equipment:
The company «Desmet Ballestra s.p.a» (Italy), JSC JV «Belkamit» (Kazakhstan).

Design and construction organization:
LLP «Design and Construction Organization» (Kazakhstan), contract organizations.

Funding organization:
Credit and financial organization, own funds.

Guaranteeing organization:
Participants of the partnership, credit and financial organization, etc.

Project Organizer

The only project developer is LLP «Joint Venture Sulfuric Acid Plant Kazatomprom».

Institutional evaluation of the organizer:
Limited Liability Partnership «Joint Venture Sulfuric Acid Plant Kazatomprom» (LLP «JV SAP Kazatomprom») 

Head of the legal entity:
Director: Zheksembayev Т.S.

PHOTO REPORT (as of June 2015)